Spring Smile Transformations

Check out our latest round of new smiles!


Anthony Alvarado - Initial - Facial smile

Anthony A. before (above)

Anthony A. after (below)

Anthony Alvarado - Final 2 - Facial smile



Gracelia Ramirez - Initial - Facial smile  Gracelia Ramirez - Initial - Facial lateral


Gracelia before (above)

Gracelia after (below)


Gracelia Ramirez - Final - Facial smile Gracelia Ramirez - Final - Facial lateral



Michelle Lee - Initial - Intraoral right Michelle Lee - Initial - Facial smile

Michelle L. before (above)

Michelle L. after (below)

Michelle Lee - Final - Intraoral right

Michelle Lee - Final - Facial smile



Yenz Strayer - Initial - Intraoral anterior Yenz Strayer - Initial - Facial smile Yenz Strayer - Initial - Facial resting

Yenz S. before (above)

Yenz S. after (below)

Yenz Strayer - Final - Intraoral anterior Yenz Strayer - Final - Facial smile Yenz Strayer - Final - Facial resting


Beau Runyan - Initial - Intraoral anterior Beau Runyan - Initial - Facial smile

Beau R. before (above)

Beau R. after (below)

Beau Runyan - Final - Intraoral anterior Beau Runyan - Final - Facial smile

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