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Dr. Vickie Greenberg DDS, MSD

Board Certified Orthodontist
25+ Years Experience
We're an Invisalign Diamond Provider
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Dr Vickie Greenberg - a top rated Orthodontist in Pasadena CA

“I’ve been in treatment for 7 weeks now. Honestly, it changed my life. My sinuses got better. My hearing is better. My wisdom teeth came down...``


TMJ / Sleep Apnea

“Dr. Greenberg and her staff are amazing. They were always kind and polite throughout my 2 year experience....``

Amalia C.

Ortho / Invisalign®

“I finished my Invisalign treatment and am so happy with the results! The staff were always so easy to work with. I love my smile now!``

Marissa Amber

Ortho / Invisalign®

“My regular dentist said I needed surgery, but Dr. Greenberg got my teeth straight without needing to do surgery. I was happy because...``

Daisy O.

Ortho / Invisalign®

“I am very pleased to say that my smile has improved by 10,000 times. The staff and Dr. Greenberg have helped improve my smile...``

Pricilla H.

Ortho / Invisalign®

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