A Great Patient Testimonial!

Thank you very much, Oscar! We are extremely thankful for your kind words!

“The main reason I chose Dr. Greenberg’s office is their service. Their team and the warm and “at home” atmosphere they provide are second to none. I explored other Orthodontists office and considered a few, but after visiting Dr. Greenberg’s office and putting them through my “interview” process, I knew this office was hands down the place I wanted to have my Orthodontic(Invisalign) treatment. Let me start with the staff. As soon as you walk into the office, Georgia and Hasmik greet you with a smile and a “Good morning Oscar!” They treat dozens of Patients a day but never forget my name! When you enter the treatment area, Angela, Cinia, Josie and Veronica do their best to make you feel comfortable and treat you with kindness and use “kid gloves” during any procedure. And last but certainly not least, Dr. Greenberg herself. When I first came to the office for my consultation it was important to know her background, where she got her (DDS and/or DMD) and noticed her degree is not only from a top flight dental school but a world renown university, Northwestern in Chicago. Some believe that all dental schools are the same but I disagree. Would you prefer to have your medical or dental school treatments done by a Doctor with a degree from a “diploma mill” or “second-tier” school or one that has taken the time and effort to graduate and succeed at a world class university, I’ll take the latter. That just describes her education. Sure, their are other Orthodontist to chose from who have great credentials but the one thing that I’ll keep coming back to is their care and sevice to their patients. Dr. Greenberg’s chairside manor is truly wonderful. She and her staff make a sometimes uncomfortable situation(visiting the dentist or ortho) a very relaxed and easy experience. She truly cares about her patients and their smiles 😀 I have referred two other people to her office and their response has been the same, “Thank you for referring me to such a great Orthodontics office!”

– Regards, Oscar C.

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