Beautiful Smile Transformations!

We are excited to share with you the journeys of Brenda and Zachary! We love making beautiful smile dreams come true.

Brenda Anderson - Initial - Facial restingBrenda Anderson - Initial - Facial smile

Brenda before (above)

Brenda after (below)

Brenda Anderson - Final 2 - Facial restingBrenda Anderson - Final 2 - Facial smile

Next we have Zachary’s journey, featured below!

Zachary Blum - Initial - Facial restingZachary Blum - Initial - Facial smile Zachary Blum - Initial - Intraoral right Zachary Blum - Initial - Intraoral anterior

Zachary before (above)

Zachary after (below)

Zachary Blum - Final - Facial restingZachary Blum - Final - Facial smile Zachary Blum - Final - Intraoral anteriorZachary Blum - Final - Intraoral right

My experience here… Yes it hurt a little but it was totally worth it. Got my braces taken off by one of the nurses absolutely gentle. Thanks so much for the treatment! I will definetly refer you guys to one of my friends!

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