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Dog Braces… Really? This LA Orthodontist Opinion
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You may have heard something about it in the news lately, or maybe you’ve always wondered why it hasn’t happened yet… or maybe, just maybe, something this weird never crossed your mind… but it’s true, there are now animal orthodontists! As an orthodontist in the Los Angeles area, I very much understand the need for a beautiful smile. That’s why I became an orthodontist, to make people smile both inside and out. Helping someone achieve perfect teeth is a joy for me and I’m grateful to be a part of such an exciting field. Would I put braces on a dog? That’s an interesting question. Apparently, dog braces are all the rage these days. With the choice of having a dog get its teeth pulled vs. a less painful solution like braces, I would say that braces seem much more humane. Still, I’d love to see a picture of a dog in braces and see that proud owner walking around with them. Aesthetically, I think braces on a dog would be hysterical. As one of the leading pet orthodontists says:

“We really don’t do it for any kind of aesthetic reason, like we do in people,” said Huff, the animal dentist at Alameda East Veterinary Hospital. “Marley has a lower canine tooth that’s growing into the roof of his mouth.”

When it does become something for aesthetics, I’m sure they’ll choose Invisalign! What do you think?

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