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At Greenberg Orthodontics, we understand that your smile is tied to your self-esteem and that’s why we customize treatment plans for each patient. Just see what our patients have to say about us! I had my braces for over two years and it was an awesome experience, the staff are great and very nice. Greenberg Orthodontics is the best place to go, they won’t disappoint you. My teeth used to be really bad and I really didn’t like to smile that much, but now I show off my brand new smile all the time. It looks great!

This long journey with my braces has been an amazing one here at Lake Ave Orthodontist. They provided me with the most excellent and outstanding service and treated my teeth and braces as if it were their own. All of the staff here are wonderful and dedicated to helping create a perfect smile. Dr. Greenburg is the best!

We tried other Orthodontics in Pasadena and I have to say I feel more comfortable, taken care of, and happier with Lake Ave Ortho than any other office I’ve been with. Dr. Greenburg and the staff are very friendly, helpful, enthusiastic, and personable. I would recommend this office to anyone who wants a better smile.

When I started at Greenberg Orthodontics, my front teeth were really crooked. Now that I am finished I am not afraid to smile and am more confident thanks to Dr. Greenberg and her staff. I am very happy with my results.

Greenberg Orthodontics & TMJ not only offers specialized care, but you can also first see if it’s the right choice for you by booking your FREE consultation. We offer these free consultations to get to know you and help ease your or your child’s fears about what it means to have ongoing dental treatments and how that can improve your overall quality of life.

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