Newest smiles!

Check out the latest round of new smiles coming out of Dr. Greenberg’s office!


Harshithaa Mohanraj - Initial - Facial smileHarshithaa Mohanraj - Initial - Facial resting

Harshithaa before (above)

Harshithaa after (below)

Harshithaa Mohanraj - Final - Facial smileHarshithaa Mohanraj - Final - Facial resting
“Greenberg Orthodontists have been like a second family. I’ve been going there for over two years and the office is very welcoming with the seasonal decorations. I always look forward to the new decorations. They have also made my experience with braces more enjoyable than I could have imagined. Thank You for all you’ve done. I couldn’t have asked for more.”

Check out Julia’s transformation below!

Julia before:

Julia Izquierdo - Initial - Facial smileJulia Izquierdo - Initial - Facial resting

Julia after:

Julia Izquierdo - Final - Facial smileJulia Izquierdo - Final - Facial resting

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