Retainers – To Wear or Not to Wear

One of the most important things that I stress to my orthodontic patients is that they need to wear their retainer after treatment. I know that this is something that many patients wish weren’t true. In fact, I also know that many patients do what they can to convince themselves that they are different and their teeth are different, so they will be fine without the retainer. That is why, when I saw someone post this distressed request for advice on an orthodontic forum, I realized that maybe stressing this need just one more time would be important:

Hi, about 3 years ago i had braces put in and i was very pleased with the results after the 2 year period, so pleased in fact that i refused to wear my retainer, i was so stupid thinking that it would be ok and now my teeth are going back to how they was. Its becoming embarrasing to even smile.

I have found my retainer and put it in, its extremely painful at the moment but i am willing to do this if it means my teeth will be straight again, but my question is… i have gone at least a year without my retainer so will wearing it now still give me a chance or isit too late? and how long will i need to wear it for so they are permanently straight?

If you find yourself in this situation, don’t hesitate to give your orthodontist a call. I know that at my LA orthodontic office, I’m happy to help patients out and get a new retainer ready for them.

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