Smile Transformations

Check out these amazing before and after photos!

Alexandra R. before:

Alexandra Raff - Initial - Facial smile Alexandra Raff - Initial - Facial resting

Alexandra R. after:

Alexandra Raff - Final - Facial smile Alexandra Raff - Final - Facial resting

Lauren S. before:

Lauren Silva - Initial - Facial smile

Lauren S. after:

Lauren Silva - Final - Facial smile

Michelle L. before:

Michelle Lee - Initial - Intraoral right Michelle Lee - Initial - Facial smile

Michelle L. after:

Michelle Lee - Final - Intraoral right Michelle Lee - Final - Facial smile

Sean M. before:

Sean Moriarty - Initial - Facial smile Sean Moriarty - Initial - Facial resting

Sean M. after:

Sean Moriarty - Final - Facial smile Sean Moriarty - Final - Facial resting


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