Smile Transformations

Check out our latest round of new smiles!

Grisanci A. before:

Grisanci Acosta - Initial - Facial smile Grisanci Acosta - Initial - Facial resting

Grisanci A. after:

Grisanci Acosta - Final - Facial smile Grisanci Acosta - Final - Facial lateral


Julianna A. before:

Julianna Amado - Initial - Facial smile Julianna Amado - Initial - Facial resting Julianna Amado - Initial - Facial lateral


Julianna A. after:

Julianna Amado - Final - Facial resting Julianna Amado - Final - Facial smile Julianna Amado - Final - Facial lateral

“I had my braces for 2 and a half years before I got them off. Let’s say that it was totally worth it! My smile is 100x better. I look my age now and I eat better. My jaw and face had to be totally transformed. I want to thank Dr. Greenberg and her team for being caring, hard-working, and thoughtful. I love my teeth thanks to them. Thanks Dr. Greenberg and your team.”
Lily D. before:

Lily DeLaTorre - Initial - Intraoral anterior Lily DeLaTorre - Initial - Facial smile Lily DeLaTorre - Initial - Facial resting

Lily D. after:

Lily DeLaTorre - Final - Facial smile Lily DeLaTorre - Final - Intraoral anterior Lily DeLaTorre - Final - Facial resting


Max L. before:

Max Lane - Initial - Intraoral anterior Max Lane - Initial - Facial smile


Max L. after:

Max Lane - Final 3 - Facial smile Max Lane - Final 3 - Intraoral anterior

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