Smile Transformations!

Check out the before and after photos of our recent patients!

Jordan Frazier - Initial - Facial smileJordan Frazier - Initial - Intraoral anterior

Jordan F. before (above)

Jordan F. after (below)

Jordan Frazier - Final - Facial smileJordan Frazier - Final - Intraoral anterior

You get a great experience as a patient at Dr. Greenberg’s! Im am very pleased with my smile and bite now. As well all of the employees are very kind and professional. Two thumbs up!! – Jordan F.

Rose Quezada - Initial - Facial lateralRose Quezada - Initial - Facial restingRose Quezada - Initial - Facial smileRose Quezada - Initial - Intraoral anterior

Rose Q. before (above)

Rose Q. after (below)

Rose Quezada - Final - Facial lateralRose Quezada - Final - Facial restingRose Quezada - Final - Facial smileRose Quezada - Final - Intraoral anterior

I had a great experience here at Greenberg Orthodontics! A great staff that is always welcoming and is always happy to see me progress. I definitely give this 5 stars and am beyond satisfied with my results! – Rose Q.

Diego Caballero - Initial - Facial smileDiego Caballero - Initial - Intraoral anterior

Diego C. before (above)

Diego C. after (below)

Diego Caballero - Final - Facial smileDiego Caballero - Final - Intraoral anterior

Vickie Greenburg’s Orthodontics, I have received some of the most amazing service here. if I could give this place any rating it would be 5 stars. The location is in a very nice place, being here makes you feel at home. I am very pleased with my results! this is the most amazing transformation ever! Thank you Vickie Greenburg Orthodontics for everything. (:  – Diego C.

Madison Williams - Initial - Facial lateralMadison Williams - Initial - Facial smileMadison Williams - Initial - Intraoral right
Madison W. before (above)

Madison W. after (below)

Madison Williams - Final - Facial lateralMadison Williams - Final - Facial smileMadison Williams - Final - Intraoral right

We love to see our patients transform! Give us a call today to start your own smile transformation.


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