TMJ Treatment

Dr. Greenberg believes in the “less is best” approach to treatment, with the understanding that each patient is different and presents with their own unique set of symptoms and lifestyle. The most important thing to do before attempting to treat TMJ is to arrive at a proper diagnosis

Many diagnosed cases of TMJ Disorder or Jaw Pain are severe and require more intensive treatment. These cases may require fixing a jaw bite that is misaligned, or repositioning teeth that are causing an uneven bite. Dentofacial orthodontic devices may be recommended for treatment if it is deemed appropriate.

Dr. Greenberg believes firmly in treating the whole patient and not just their mouths. She understands that each case is different, and that every patient comes in with their own unique set of difficulties and hopes for treatment.

If you are struggling with Jaw Pain or TMJ Disorders, please don’t suffer another day! Dr. Vickie Greenberg uses her 25 years of specialization in dentofacial orthodontics, her compassion for care, and industry leading technology to design the best possible treatment plan for your health and happiness. Please call our office today to schedule a consultation and get you back to being as healthy and pain-free as possible!